Cheese Care

we're already Looking after your cheese

The correct storage of cheese can make all the difference to the final taste of your cheese board.  We carefully monitor the cheese in the deli daily in order to serve them to you in their optimum condition.

How you should Store your Cheese

Cheese is best stored in a cool, rather than cold place, a larder or cool pantry is ideal.  Domestic fridges are fine for storing your cheese at home but they do tend to be a little on the cold side and also very dry.  If storing your fridge in a cheese we recommend that cheese should be stored in a small container to reduce drying out, the salad compartment or a tupperware box are ideal.

how best to enjoy your cheese

We sell every piece of cheese wrapped in waxed paper as this allows the cheese to breathe. Wrapping cheese in clingfilm is a bad idea, it causes the cheese to sweat which impacts on the flavour and quality of your cheese when you come to eat it.  When storing cheese in the fridge, bring it out a few hours before serving and let it get to room temperature.  Coldness suppresses flavour, serving your cheese at room temperature will make them taste so much better.