The cheeses we stock are chosen by us for their superior quality and taste.  Many of them come from small producers we have personally visited and worked with for a number of years.  As well as the better known classics such as Stilton, West Country Cheddar and Brie, we also stock an ever changing range of lesser known interesting cheeses. 

From springtime Goat's cheese to full flavoured Christmas Stilton, our range reflects the changing seasons and is always based on what is tasting great right now!  When visiting us, we're always on hand to help you create the perfect cheeseboard.

We definitely believe in trying cheese before buying it and want to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.  Our cheeses are hand made in small batches, often with different and interesting characteristics that do change with age as the cheese develops.

If you need any serving suggestions we have a great range of hand picked complementary products from locally hand made chutneys, truffle honey (great with blues and bries), biscuits and sourdough bread (the walnut bread is a must)!